15 March 2011

What a Day (and its only 9:30 am)

So, this morning I was running around before taking the boy to school cleaning the house so that the housekeepers could clean the house later today. I cleaned my bathroom and bedroom and picked up the kitchen. I made the boy empty and load the dishwasher. Yes, this should have all been done yesterday, but well I got in the groove writing for my memoir class, and the boy decided that it was a good time for a nap and then screwing around on the computer. This in spite of the fact that I woke him up and booted him off the computer (a few times).

Thus begins my day of being productive. House picked up....Check. My desk at work clean......Check (in the first 15 minutes of work). Email correspondence done........Check. Rest of the day planned out.....Check.

The rest of my day is planned out in the following way.
  • Go to the cleaners
  • Return business purchase
  • Drive out to Fernley (About 35 miles each way)
  • Pick up the boy at school at 3:00
  • Go home and enjoy clean house
We will see if the later part of the day is as productive as this morning was......


Kimberlee said...

Wait a minute... you have housekeepers? What do they clean if you cleaned already? :p

*Hollie* said...

I just picked up all the crap that I have left all over the place for the last two weeks. They come in to do the bathrooms and the tile floors--mostly. They were Andrew and my Christmas presents to each other =)

Kimberlee said...

Oh gosh! I need some of those. I hate doing my kitchen floor & the bathrooms.