04 October 2011

Back in the fray

So, this is the first day back in the office in almost five months. I have been working from home since May so that I could finish school, and I am so not used to working around other people anymore.

There is sooooooo much noise in the office (and it isn’t the background noise of the Grey’s Anatomy that I am currently trying to watch—I started at the pilot and am working my way through (gotta love HULU)). Everyone is either talking to each other here, or on the phone. And I’m nosy. I have to listen in on all the conversations. Many shiny somethings……

 Also, I am sooooooo not used to just sitting at my desk and just working. While I work at home, I do the laundry, clean the kitchen, and gaze around trying to pretend that I am looking for something else to clean. I don’t usually clean anything (after all, I told my husband that I was not a good housekeeper when we met), but I pretend. In the office, I have constantly been looking for a reason to get up and walk around.

And another thing, I haven’t worn dress shoes in the last five months. Or, real clothes. Last night I had to search for something officy to wear. My usual uniform has been jeans and either a sweatshirt or t-shirt, depending on how cold it is. And if I can’t wear flip-flops or my converse, I’m not going. That is if I actually get out of my pajamas. There are many some,  a few days that I only make it into clothes when Andrew calls to tell me he is on the way home.

Today, my feet are killing me—I actually wore heels. With straps across the top of my foot. And, I walked downtown from the office. And I wore tights. What was I thinking? I should have eased back into the whole office attire thing.

The best thing about coming into the office is that I am only going to do it Tuesday and Thursday. Another good thing is that Andrew said that we were going to eat out on those days. But feel like I am falling behind on the laundry (why is it that I feel like I do laundry everyday for six people, but it is only the two of us?)…………..