04 March 2011

Kinda Like My Job

So, yesterday I really didn't want to be at work. I was super tired, even though I went to bed at a "reasonable" time. I had a midterm after work. I hadn't read for the class before that. I needed a mental health day from work. So I took one.

I came to work at my normal time, I finished the project that I had started the day before and then.......
I decided the coffee area was messy. I took everything off of the counter, wiped everything down, refilled all the condiments, cleaned out the microwave, and set everything back where it goes. As I was cleaning, I noticed that we were low on a few things--we only had two filters left, and there was still a long day ahead, they were going to want coffee tomorrow. My job is a little bit of everything. I am the administrative assistant, the marketing assistant, purchaser, and part of the provisioning team. I order parts, services, and do all the shopping for the office. I keep the techs in coffee and candy. I get to spend someone else's  money.

And so, I decided I had to shop. 

I went and bought the coffee filters, the Splenda, the cold cups, the candy. I had to get out. I drove the long way. I wandered around Smart and Final looking at things that I might want to go back and buy for home. I picked the longest line for checkout. I got out the company credit card, and I had to smile.

I got to go shopping, and I wont go home to the 3rd degree about what I am spending money on, because, It's not my money!!! My husband wont care that I needed shopping therapy to improve my day, because he wont see the bill!!! Oh, happy day.

The only thing was, after wasting as much time as possible, and stopping to pick up lunch (Super Burrito Rules), I still had a half hour left when I got back to the office.

Next time I need to plan better.

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