13 March 2011

Polyamourous Relations

So, I've been reading all the banter about TLC's show "Sister Wives," and can see there are strong feelings on both sides of the "issue" (if there even is an issue). My Thoughts? So what. So, this man found 4 women that were okay with sharing him.

My problem is that you always hear about Polygamy and never about Polyandry. Why do the guys get to have all the fun? I think that it is male pride that makes polygamy more palatable than polyandry. A man with sister-wives can look over his children and say that they are his. There is no doubt of who the father is supposed to be. With polyandry, there is not the certainty about children. With more than one husband, there is the chance that any one of the men could be the father. This was bad news when inheritance law was structured around things like gender and birth order, but, at least in the western world, that is no longer an issue. I could leave all my worldly goods to some random person picked out of the phone book. So, it seems to me that ego is the main hurdle.  

I have been thinking about the pros and cons of each of these two life-style choices, and here is what I see, and how my life would change if I chose either of the life-styles. 


  • Having helpmates around the house.
    • As a full time student, employee, wife, and pseudo-mom, this would be a godsend. there are not quite enough hours in a day.
  • Close friendships can be formed.
    • Most sister-wives get a say in the new additions. 
    • We all need girlfriends, and if we are all griping about the same guy, it kinda makes it easier.
    • you always have someone to shop with
  • Everyone knows "who's the daddy"

  • Jealousy
    • Feelings of being left out of a private joke or of being neglected.
    • The green-eyed monster can pop up in even the best relationships. 
  • The strict schedules
    • I am kind of the spur of the moment gal. My time outside of the home is so regimented that I want my down time to be free and easy. 
  • Cash resources. 
    • It must be hard to keep more than one household financed. 


  • If one hunka-hunka burning love is not "in the mood" there is bound to be another one who is.
    • I know that my husband and I just have schedules that get outta whack. This way that rarely happens. 
  • You can have one of each flavor. 
    • I have been trying to figure out my "type" for a writing assignment, and have been having a hard time. This way I don't have to have a type. Male pretty much covers it.
  • Multiple cash resources. 
    • Since, unfortunately, men are usually still the bread-winners. Having more than one seems to be beneficial.
  • Children could be a little confusing. 
    • Who's the baby daddy?
    • Does it matter?
  • Just more men to clean up after. 


Anonymous said...

What about living in a commune, you would have both?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about me. I cannot keep one women happy let alone three :)