13 May 2011

Slacking, Packing, and Moving

I gave my notice at work three works ago. Last Friday was my last day. I have had a whole week to do what I wanted. Well almost what I wanted to do. My hubby decided that I wasn’t spending my time as well as I should have, and he would just look at me like I should be doing something else (rather than just lying in bed reading). I did do a few things though.

I cooked dinner (at regular dinner time even); I went through the kitchen and put all kinds of things in boxes for the garage sale. I also cleaned out the linen closet for the same reason. I know we are moving, but I don’t know what to leave out and what to pack. It will be the end of July, or even August before we move. Another thing is that some of the stuff is my mother-in-law’s and I don’t know what she wants to keep and what I can take. When they moved out, they left a bunch of stuff behind.

 Also, I still don’t know where we are moving to. There is not a lot for rent in Morro Bay (which is where we want to be), and it is hard to look for a place 8 hours away. All the ads on Craig’s list are scams, and there is not much in the newspaper. So, since I don’t know where we will be moving, I don’t know how much space I will have and how much stuff I will need to get rid of.

On another note, I was hoping to be unemployed for the summer. I knew that I was going to have to find a job eventually when we got moved and settled, but yes even in this economy, I needed to take time off for summer school because it is going to take up a lot of my time taking two classes in seven weeks. It is hard to stay unemployed though when you are out of work a week and you get a job offer that you weren’t even looking for. What do I do with that? I can work from home, and still go to school, but I don’t know if that’s what I want to do. I did call and send an email to talk about it, but I still don’t know. Guess I have to think about it. 

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