06 March 2012

All Things Irksome: Okay, maybe not all the things that I find exasperating, but some of the ones that are really bugging me right now. This was supposed to be a list of things, but there were too many, and too much I wanted to say that I had to break them down separately.

Rant #3
Rush Limbaugh
Fat, Old Men Who Think They Can Tell Me What I Can Do With My Body

Why is it that fat, old men think that they have the right to govern my body? Or, just old men? Or, just men?  Will they ever have to worry about having a baby or not? Well, maybe, but I bet that if they are worrying about it then they shouldn’t have had sex in the first place, because it was probably with an inappropriate partner, and you better believe that they would be the first ones to pony up the money for that abortion. Let’s face it, they really don’t want a baby that they shouldn’t have made to end up public knowledge.
Also, what is with the movement to make women 2nd class citizens again? Rush says that if a woman needs birth control, she is a slut or a whore. Did we time warp back to the 1950s? And what is he scared about, anyway. It’s not as if it affects him at all. He isn’t getting any younger—or thinner—so the end can’t be that far away. And don’t get me started on Santorum. I can’t believe that ANY woman would vote for him, and his poor wife! He give such a low value to women that he would probably like us to go back to not having the vote. It seems that we are to be seen and not heard. We are supposed to be docile little creatures that look to our men to tell us how to behave and what we can have.  He is a hateful, controlling, misogynist, and I hope the Republicans are intelligent enough to see that. I refuse to go back to being a piece of property, with only fluff for brains. Unless he is going to defer all my student loans………..

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