06 March 2012

All Things Irksome: Okay, maybe not all the things that I find exasperating, but some of the ones that are really bugging me right now. This was supposed to be a list of things, but there were too many, and too much I wanted to say that I had to break them down separately.

Rant #2


So I have a problem. I have been out of high school for 20 years, but my social life (or lack thereof) is still directly impacted by cliques.
I work part time, and mostly from home, but I do go into the office two days a week. This is mostly because I was going crazy working from home with little or no contact with other human beings. There is only just so far that a conversation with the dog or cat can go. We are social creatures, and I am a very social creature. I like people—in general. I love to people watch (I am doing it right now at Starbucks while I write this). I like to have conversations with strangers. How are we supposed to learn anything new if we don’t reach out to others?
                Anyway, like I said, the main reason that I go into the office is to be around people. I thought that I would make friends and go to lunch with the others. Maybe go out for drinks after work, but no. This is where the cliques come in. There are the customer service and provisioning people that clump together, the sales agents that seem to be pretty solitary, and you have the sales analysts that do things together. (the different sections seem to be kinda catty to each other) And, then you have me. I am a different branch on the tree. I am the only person in my department, and *GASP* I am the boss’s wife.
                No one wants to hang out with me because they think I will tattle to the boss. I can’t say that I wouldn’t, but I can’t say that I would, either. So, all-in-all, it really makes no difference that I go into the office. I could be doing laundry.

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