20 August 2011

Super Highs, Super Lows

So good day, bad day.

Today, I joined the jet set, or should I say the Cessna set. We just zipped up to Harris Ranch for lunch and then came home.  
Da Plane, Da Plane!
Our friends, Bruce and Gary, flew down from Reno just to have lunch with us. Actually Bruce just wanted to land at Harris Ranch because it has a tiny little runway (the plane’s wingspan is wider than the runway). A 2 ½-3 hour drive was a 30 minute flight. I was afraid of take-off only because I know that in large planes, my stomach lurches on take-off, and have never been in a small plane. I was fine though. I got to sit shotgun and watch the instruments.

Cal Poly From the Air
After a great lunch (I had a ribeye while Bruce had a 30 lb hunk of bone-in prime rib) we climbed back into the plane to come back to San Louis Obispo. After climbing to cruising altitude, Bruce let me take the controls!!!!!! He asked if I wanted to and I was hesitant, but got over it. I have always wanted to fly, and boy is it harder than it looks. You have to keep the wings level, the altitude within 100 ft, and the plane on the little purple line on the computer screen. My shoulders hurt from trying to keep all the controls right.

So that was the great part of the day.

The bad part of the day is:

Yep, dropped my iPhone…………

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