08 April 2011

But, I don't want a minor

I am sooooooo excited!!!!!

I met with a counselor at school last week, and was told that I would have to take another 18 credits for a minor (I don’t want a effing minor), to get my degree. I was all bummed because I just want to be done with school and only have one job. I was looking through the course catalog trying to fit all of the classes into one semester, but of course they were not all available next semester. I really didn’t want to take two more semesters of school. Depression set in and I haven’t really slept very well in the last week.

So, I called the General Studies counseling center yesterday to have them go over my transcripts. We went through all of my classes (there are tons), and the verdict………

I only have to take two more classes for a degree in General Studies!!!!!! I have registered for them and now I will be done by July 7th! I was kinda iffy about “General Studies,” but then I thought about it. It just means that I am well rounded (in my education, not my figure thankyouverymuch). So one more science class (astronomy), and one more sociology class (violence and gender), and I. AM. DONE!

I don’t know what I will do with all my free time. I will have a ton with only working and the family. No more late nights because I have to do homework. No more missing out on the family stuff because I am at school all evening. I may even clean my house. Nah, probably not.

I can’t wait!

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Miss(ed) Eloquence said...

WOOHOO! Let us know when all the graduation fun commences and we will come visit!!